Navigating the landscape of market rental rates can be quite complex. Numerous factors influence rental rates in Nashville and the surrounding areas, making it essential for investors to understand the intricacies involved. According to recent data, rents in downtown Nashville are dropping as supply surpassed the demand for high end rentals, highlighting the dynamic nature of this market.

Factors Influencing Rental Rates

Split image showing an A and A C class apartment in Nashville, TNMarket and Submarket Variations

Market rental rates can vary significantly from one market to another. This is especially true within different submarkets of a major city like Nashville. The side of town, specific neighborhoods, school zones, and the proximity of new developments and job opportunities all play crucial roles in determining the rental rates for a particular area.

Property-Specific Characteristics

Rental rates can also differ based on the characteristics of individual properties. Factors such as the age of the property, recent updates, and both interior and exterior quality significantly impact rental prices (Read more about property classifications). Renters often look for properties with attractive curb appeal and modern amenities, making it essential for property owners to invest in maintaining and updating their rentals.

Research and Resources

Utilizing Online Platforms

Websites like Zillow and are valuable resources for conducting research on market rental rates in Nashville. These platforms allow investors to compare rental prices for specific properties they own or are considering purchasing. By leveraging these tools, investors can gain a better understanding of the current market trends and rental rates in their desired areas.

Consulting Local Experts

Building relationships with local property managers and brokers can provide invaluable insights into the rental market. These professionals can offer advice on what improvements to make in order to achieve the highest possible rental rates. For example, adding amenities like washer/dryer hookups or updating flooring and cabinets can enhance a property’s appeal and justify higher rental prices. As multifamily specialists we do our best to stay knowledgeable of the changing markets around Middle Tennessee in order to better serve you as a multifamily investor. For this reason we are happy to offer FREE Custom Market Rent Reports.

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The Importance of Location

Core vs. Tertiary Markets

Investors must decide whether to invest in downtown core areas with high competition or in smaller towns and submarkets with potentially higher growth prospects. In recent years, towns like Murfreesboro and Clarksville have seen significant growth alongside Nashville. Additionally, tertiary markets such as Dixon, Cookeville, Tullahoma, Shelbyville, Manchester, and McMinnville have also experienced notable rent growth, driven by their strategic locations and emerging job markets.

Strategic Positioning

Looking at specific markets with good growth potential involves analyzing factors such as local industries, job availability, and the presence of universities. For instance, Cookeville, located midway between Nashville and Knoxville on I-40, has seen rent growth due to its university and engineering jobs. Similarly, towns like Manchester and Tullahoma, positioned between Nashville and Chattanooga, have attracted renters seeking proximity to major cities while enjoying the benefits of smaller towns.


Developing a Comprehensive Strategy

Conducting Thorough Research

Investors should conduct thorough research on their target markets, considering factors such as population growth, job opportunities, and geographical advantages. Understanding these elements can help identify markets with high growth potential and stable rental rates. There are always new development plans being advertised in local papers or being discussed in council meetings. These developments have the potential to greatly impact rental rates in Nashville or whatever municipality you are invested in.

Building Professional Relationships

Get to know the local real estate professionals and politicians in your area.

Establishing relationships with local professionals, such as property managers and brokers, allows investors to validate their research and gain expert opinions. Collaborating with these professionals can help investors develop effective strategies for maximizing rental income and ensuring long-term success. As an investor you should get to know the mayors of the small towns, or the council members in the the large cities. After all, you share a common interest of wanting to see the city prosper.


Here at RIA “Multifamily is all we do.” This means that we have motivation and the experience to research the rental markets in our area. As an advisory service we can offer investors a holistic view of multifamily real estate that most residential agents cannot. It’s what makes RIA different. Understanding market rental rates in Nashville and its surrounding areas requires a multifaceted approach. By conducting comprehensive research, consulting local experts, building relationships and strategically selecting investment markets, investors can navigate the complexities of the rental market and achieve their financial goals.

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