DJE Podcast – Real Estate Investing

David Childers, Managing Member of Nashville based Cedar Rock Capital, discusses some real world multifamily ups & downs.

The Path to a 30 Million Dollar Portfolio

David Childers shares how he’s built a 30 million dollar real estate portfolio over the last 15 years.

How to Evaluate and Scout Out the Best Syndication Deal

Dave reveals the various Tips and Tricks that have allowed him to multiply his syndication business manifold over the years.

Building a Successful Real Estate Business with Dave Childers

Dave shares with us how he got started, how he built up a successful brokerage, and how he scaled his own multi-family investing business.

Podcast: Running a Multifamily Brokerage While Investing in Apartments

Dave Childers is a guest speaker on a show that focuses on helping foreign investors enter the lucrative US real estate market.

Podcast: Thinking Longterm

Dave Childers speaks with Jake & Gino about underwriting, quitting the brokerage and being a roadie.

Podcast: Multifamily Syndications

We hear great tips for apartment investing as well as asset management. Dave tells us what to look out for when a broker sends an offering.

Testimonials from On-Site Multi-Family Roundtable

Listen to testimonies from past roundtable events, and get ready to join us at our next event.

Kent Ritter Podcast

Dave Childers has a refreshing perspective on investing in small multifamily rather than going after the larger syndication deals.

Podcast – Purchase To Profits with Seth Ferguson

Seth is the host of Purchase to Profits, a daily show that speaks with successful investors about “real goals, real money, and real estate.”

Podcast: Real Estate Investing in Tennessee

Dave shares his expertise in the Tennessee area as well as his unique approach to multifamily investing and landlording.

Lifetime Cash Flow Podcast

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