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Purchase to Profits | Hosted by Seth Ferguson

Posted September 5,2019

Purchase to Profits - Seth Ferguson

Seth is the host of Purchase to Profits, a daily show that speaks with successful investors about “real goals, real money, and real estate.” He has been honored to have interviewed some of the world’s leading real estate investors. Through the show, Seth seeks to inspire and educate those with a dream of financial and time freedom to take their first steps towards investing in real estate.

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Real Estate Investing | Hosted by Devin Elder

Posted April 29,2019

DJE Texas

David Childers, Managing Member of Nashville based Cedar Rock Capital, discusses some real world multifamily ups & downs and the lessons learned over 15+ years and hundreds of millions in transactions.

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Why This Multifamily Investor is Bullish on Pensacola

Posted December 5,2018

Invest Florida

Multifamily markets are tightening up. Across Florida’s major markets, investors are having to adopt creative strategies to get a competitive edge on finding deals. The same is true in other multifamily markets throughout the country. Some investors are finding luck stepping outside their comfort zone. By expanding into adjacent markets and sub-markets that show potential, you may be able to tap into an overlooked investment opportunity.

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How to evaluate and scout out the best possible syndication deal with Dave Childers

Posted November 5,2018

The Real Estate Syndication Show

“In this episode, Whitney interviews Dave Childers, CEO, Residential Investment Advisors. Dave reveals the various Tips and Tricks that have allowed him to multiply his syndication business manifold over the years. You will learn about his methodology for scouting real estate deals to zero in on the best one. Dave also shares his struggle in dealing with investors who trust him with their life’s savings – and expect quick profits in return. What has been a negative fallout of the currently favorable market conditions? And, what is one mistake that Dave made on his last deal? Tune in and learn for some of the best names in the industry!

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Old Dog’s REI Network: Real Estate Investing in Tennessee

Posted June 26,2017

Old Dog REI Network

Dave Childers bought his first multifamily property at age 25. Since then, he has flipped properties, done condo conversions, expanded his multifamily personal holdings and created a successful real estate brokerage firm specializing in finding small to medium sized multifamily properties for investors. In this episode, Dave shares his expertise in the Tennessee area as well as his unique approach to multifamily investing and landlording..

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Millionaire Interviews: Multi-Family Investor finds out Happiness matters MORE than Profit

Posted July 15,2017

Millionaire Interviews

Dave Childers founded Residential Investment Advisors in 2011. During his years as a real estate agent he realized an opportunity in the industry to work with small, private investors in the purchase and sale (aka P&S) of multifamily properties in Middle Tennessee. Dave (aka David Childers) has significant experience in many areas of the commercial/residential real estate industry. Highlights of his experience includes facilitating financing for multifamily properties, commercial ownership, and management of investment real estate. He has brokered millions in multifamily properties and he’s looked upon as a professional resource for investors, bankers, and appraisers.

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Lifetime Cash Flow Podcast with Rob Khleif

Posted April,2016

Lifetime Cash Flow

David Childers created his first real estate syndication deal at the age of 25. At 27 David bought a 114 unit apartment building with a 50% vacancy ratio and learned the multi-family real estate business in a hurry! Today David owns and operates over 200 apartment units in Tennessee and runs Residential Investment Advisors, a real estate brokerage specializing in multi-family properties.

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Best Ever Show with Joe Fairless

Posted March,2018

Best Ever Show

Multifamily Syndications: Pros, Cons, Challenges, and Successes with Dave Childers
Our guest today is a multifamily syndicator, and a residential real estate broker. We hear great tips for apartment investing as well as asset management. Dave tells us what to look out for when a broker sends an offering, and how you can get started in real estate today. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!

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Monthly Investment Meetings.

Dave hosts a monthly Multi-Family Investment Meeting for intermediate to advanced property investors through REIN. Meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of every month, and feature expert guest speakers on a variety of investment topics! Email alex@ria-inc.com to get on our exclusive Investment Meeting email list.