The Bisnow Multifamily Annual Conference (BMAC) held at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Nashville today was an exceptional event that offered attendees a wealth of opportunities for networking and learning. Bisnow’s seamless organization ensured a smooth experience for all participants, from registration to the final panel discussions. The event boasted a delightful spread of food, setting the stage for engaging conversations and connections among industry professionals. Throughout the day, knowledgeable panelists led discussions on various topics, providing valuable insights and perspectives.

Bisnow Multifamily Annual Conference Panel Discussion

Panel Discussions

Panel 1 – The Resident Experience

Panel 1 at Bisnow Nashville Multifamily Annual ConferenceThe first panel, titled “The Resident Experience: Operations, Design & Amenities,” featured esteemed panelists including Noah Weiss, Leslie Mathis, David Swift, Sandya Dandamudi, Elizabeth Herzberg, and Emily Trapani. This session delved into innovative design concepts, desired amenities, and leasing strategies aimed at keeping pace with industry growth. Particularly noteworthy was the emphasis on creating enduring amenities that withstand changing trends, with a focus on integrating local art and culture into Class A apartments to enhance client retention.

Panel 2 – Maximizing Returns

Panel 2 at Bisnow Nashville Multifamily Annual Conference

The second panel, “Investing, Building & Developing to Maximize Returns,” showcased industry experts Jeff Weller, Nelson Crowe, Kyle Verhasselt, Desmond Ellis, Jordan Calaguire, and Dan Tansey. Discussions centered around navigating current market conditions, including insurance costs, construction expenses, and rental rates. Despite challenges faced in 2023, panelists expressed optimism about the Nashville real estate market’s resilience, anticipating robust growth by 2026. Jeff Weller highlighted the opportunities within B and C class properties, particularly favoring 80s vintage properties for their favorable cap rates and potential for value addition.

Panel 3 – Permitting and Zoning

Panel 3 at Bisnow Nashville Multifamily Annual ConferenceThe final panel discussion, “Permitting, Zoning & Site Selection Analysis,” brought together experts David Hanchrow, Ken Erickson, Caroleen Wilkes, Mark Valliere, and Michael Kupin to explore the intricacies of navigating zoning regulations in the Nashville and Davidson County area. Panelists stressed the importance of thorough planning and management throughout the permitting process, acknowledging the challenges of obtaining approvals in growth markets like Nashville. Caroleen Wilkes emphasized the need for developers to actively oversee their projects through the permitting phase, while Ken Erickson highlighted prioritizing utilities such as water, sewer, and storm to expedite the permitting process. The consensus among panelists underscored the value of working with architects familiar with the Nashville area to streamline site selection and development efforts.


Overall, the Bisnow Multifamily Annual Conference provided attendees with invaluable insights, fostering meaningful discussions on key issues shaping the multifamily real estate landscape in Nashville and beyond. With its blend of informative panels, networking opportunities, and expert-led discussions, BMAC proved to be a must-attend event for industry professionals seeking to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

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