Davidson County.


Davidson County, Tennessee, is a thriving hub in the multifamily real estate market, encompassing a diverse range of opportunities across its municipalities. Nashville, the vibrant capital, stands as the epicenter of the county, known for its burgeoning music and healthcare industries. With a combined population that reflects both urban energy and suburban tranquility, Davidson County provides an attractive landscape for multifamily real estate investment, offering proximity to Nashville’s dynamic job market and cultural scene while presenting diverse living options tailored to the needs of a growing population.

Key Neighborhoods

East Nashville – Filled with young professionals and quickly gentrifying neighborhoods. 40% of East Nashville Residents are renters.

The Nations – Located just minutes from TSU just outside of the 440 loop the Nations has a very competitive rental market with 2 bedrooms renting for north of $1800/mo on average.

Madison -Development is happening Madison, and within a few years this area will be undergoing some massive transformations including a 100 million dollar mixed use development.

Antioch – Perhaps one of the most diverse and robust rental markets in all of Davidson County. You will find a wide mix of properties ranging from A all the way to D class properties.