Introducing a prime investment opportunity nestled within the vibrant heart of Nashville’s Core. This property boasts recent capital improvements and a commitment to enhancing tenant satisfaction. With a desirable mix of 1 and 2-bedroom units, residents enjoy not only the convenience of urban living but also stunning views of the State Capitol. Situated amidst a neighborhood experiencing rapid growth and development, this property offers both stability and potential for future appreciation.

Investment Highlights

  1. Value-Add Potential:

    • Recent capital expenditures, including renovations of some units, have made the building safe and rent ready. However, opportunity for further interior renovations to enhance unit attractiveness and potentially increase rental rates still exists. There is also the possibility to implement additional amenities or upgrades to attract higher-paying tenants.
  2. Desirable Location:

    • Situated in the Nashville Core, offering convenient access to downtown amenities, entertainment, and employment opportunities. This property has views of the State Capitol add aesthetic appeal and potentially increase property value. Not only that it has excellent proximity to popular attractions like the farmers market and the Nashville Sounds stadium enhances the property’s appeal to renters interested in local culture and entertainment. The neighborhood has undergone a major transformation over the last few years.
  3. Recent Capital Improvements:

    • New roof, exterior repaint, and structural repairs demonstrate a commitment to property maintenance and longevity. Upgraded features like new catwalks, railings, gutters, and downspouts enhance the property’s functionality and aesthetics, contributing to tenant satisfaction and retention.
  4. Unit Mix and Size:

    • Mix of 1 bed/1 bath and 2 bed/2 bath units offers versatility and appeal to a diverse range of tenants, including singles, couples, and small families.