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Successful multifamily investor and his wife enjoy life together.

Multi-family is all we do.

Comprehensive Brokerage Services for your Multi-Family Housing Investment

Multifamily is all we do.2024-05-07T11:42:31-04:00

We Get It—Multifamily investing is a lot of Work.

Managing properties, collecting rent, flipping units, finding deals and more…

GOOD NEWS — If you’re looking to buy or sell a multi-family investment property in Middle Tennessee, our expert knowledge in analyzing property value, building a local multifamily network, and prioritizing strategic property management decisions will make this process as hassle free as possible.

Access to Deals

Our agents are constantly scouring Nashville and the surrounding areas to find new deals to bring to market.

Choosing the right property comes by either luck or knowledge. Let us share our knowledge with you.

Multi-Family is all we do. Our years of experience working right here in Tennessee will set you free.

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Journey to Success: What Our Clients Have to Say

Private Clients

“I recently sold a property in CA and 1031’d my proceeds into a property in Clarksville, TN. Landon educated me on the different markets around Nashville and hunted down a great deal for me. On top of that, he connected me with lenders, a property manager, insurance agents and a GC to make my first purchase in Tennessee as simple as possible. I’d recommend his knowledge and expertise to anyone looking to buy or sell multi-family in middle TN”

Adele N.


“RIA has helped me build a portfolio of rental properties consisting of over 100 doors in the past 9 years. Their expansive knowledge of the Nashville multifamily market allows them to quickly identify new opportunities that fit my investment criteria. RIA is not only a broker, but also a valuable advisor in managing my real estate portfolio.”

Jessie C.


“RIA has been a great resource for both education on multifamily investing and helping my husband and I acquire investment properties. They brought us an off market deal that was a great addition to our rental portfolio and we will be using them for our next purchase very soon. I’d recommend Landon, Kristina and Dave to anyone looking to add multifamily investments to their portfolio.”

Taylor F.

Your Premier Real Estate Investment Advisors in Nashville

With over fifteen years of specialized experience in multifamily real estate, we understand the journey of real estate investment comprehensively. As the leading multifamily investment advisor in Middle Tennessee, we offer unmatched expertise and insights in the Nashville real estate investment landscape. Trust us to be your dedicated real estate investment advisor, guiding you through every angle of your investment journey.

A Multifamily Brokerage with Over 600 Transactions Closed

Our unique position in the market bridges the gap between large-scale commercial real estate investment advisors and residential real estate agents. Specializing in small to medium sized multifamily, we are uniquely equipped to support your needs as an investor, ensuring a beneficial experience that extends for years. Let us show you why we are the preferred multifamily investment advisor in the region.

Partnering with Hundreds of Satisfied Investors

At our core, we value long-term relationships over mere transactions. Our focus on retention and investor satisfaction sets us apart. We don’t just sell properties; we invest in your future as your trusted real estate investment advisor. Discover why our investors choose to stay with us year after year, making us a top choice for anyone looking into Nashville real estate investment.

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